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Mamaku Rehoming Centre and Sanctuary


  • Pauline Sainsbury, 896B State Highway 2, RD 2, Rotorua 3072.
    Phone 027 2923675 E-mail

  • Alan Baguley, 763D White Pine Bush Road, RD1 Whakatane.
    Phone 07 3129828 or 027 2923675

Donkeys come to our care for many reasons: sometimes caring owners are no longer able to look after them due to age, a marriage breakup or something else and relinquish them to Mamaku.

More often than not we travel long distances to help donkeys who are in need and neglected, with problems such as untrimmed feet requiring a farrier, teeth with sharp points in need of filing down by a equine dentist, foundered through incorrect diet and then there are the untrained and dangerous jacks (Stallion) that need to be gelded. Some can never be rehomed and stay at the sanctuary. Mamaku has all donkeys vet checked. microchipped and wormed as try to restore their health and happiness. Donkeys are intelligent and sensitive creatures and deserve the best we can give. Without The Donkey & Mule Protection Trust to help with expenses it would not be possible to provide all they need.

We can also provide a contact for your Area Representative from The Donkey and Mule Protection Trust NZ Web

Donkeys available to suitable homes

No donkeys are available yet, but Biskit maybe.

Biskit of Mamaku


Bisket was a seven year old unhandled stallion jack and quite a challenge for Pauline. Biskit was haltered for the first time when she went to collect him and it was a mission to get him into a float with the help of friends, but he travelled well to the Manuku Donkey Sanctuary and Rehoming Centre. Pauline's vet gelded him a couple of days later and though it went well he fell and had a massive bleed necessitating a return of the vet. While sedated Pauline and the vet trimmed his long curling hooves. He has had a very rough time but is making progress. Pauline has taught him to lead and tie up and she is teaching him to pick up his feet so that they can be cleaned and trimmed regularly. Biskit does not know what carrots, apples or hard feed are, making catching him all the harder but she says he will come around. She is going into the paddock with him four or five times daily and says he will make a nice donkey and be able to be rehomed..
Update on Biskit Coming Soon

Donkeys in the Sanctuary

Rosie of Mamaku


Rosie and her daughter Lily were picked up near Tokoroa by Mamaku RRC & Sanctuary, their owners were selling up and moving to warmer climates.
More about Rosie

Ester of Mamaku


Ester came from Waikino, her donkey companion had passed away and her owners decided to rehome her to be with other donkeys.
More about Ester

Some of the donkeys who have received our help


Jasper of Mamaku

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Ollie of Mamaku

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Angel of Mamaku

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