Rosie of Mamaku


Rosie is in her thirties and her daughter Lily in her twenties. Their owner loved these two donkeys and their grandchildren used to ride them. They did own a third donkey, an elderly jack stallion called Horace. The owners wanted to keep him to run with the bulls and their dairy cows. Horace is well looked after and his owners will keep him after they have moved. Horace was quite relieved to not have two dominating jennies boss his around, so now is happy chilling out.
When Rosie and Lily arrived at Mamaku both appeared to be doing well so were wormed, but after a few days Rosie came down with colic. After several vet visits Rosie pulled through then Lily came down with colic, but in spite of several vet’s visits and medications Lily did not respond and sadly was put to sleep.
Rosie is still grieving and at the moment prefers to be on her own with other donkeys over the fence.
We are giving her special care to brighten her up and she is enjoying her nice warm hard feeds three times a day with access to hay.
She is a lovely elderly donkey who trots up to her bowl of goodies for breakfast, lunch and tea. She will remain at Mamaku Donkey RRC and Sanctuary.
She will be appreciated and loved and will remain with Pauline. Rosie is now helping to educate Rotorua Intermediate School children who visit her four times a year. Rosie gives to children and these children give to Rosie.

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