Ester of Mamaku


Ester is a social butterfly, she gets on with all the donkeys, non-aggressive, and shares her hay. She is the first donkey at the fence when visitors arrive, checking out their pockets for treats. Ester is a delight to have, very cheeky and very vocal. Ester is an older donkey and has been living at Mamaku Donkey Rescue, Rehoming Centre and Sanctuary since 2014.
She was very over weight when she arrived but has slimmed down nicely as there are a lot of hills for her to walk up and down. Ester’s best friend is another white donkey called Suzi, the two of them are inseparable.
Ester lives permanently at Mamaku Donkey RRC as she came with major hoof issues and requires to have her hooves trimmed frequently to prevent her becoming lame.
She will remain at Mamaku Donkey RRC permanently as she is very good at teaching the young new donkeys manners.

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