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The activities of the Protection Trust are expensive

Cora and Frankie
Cora and Frankie

You can read about Cora and Frankie of Mamaku
in Newsletter No. 14

How to make a donation to the Donkey and Mule Protection Trust.

Jacks taken into care must be gelded and most animals require vaccination and a visit from an equine dentist. Then there is feeding and hoof care, not to mention the cost of travel to collect rescue donkeys and mules. The Protection Trust also produces educational brochures and volunteers travel to give on the spot demonstrations of hoof care and training sessions.

Any monetary support you can give is much appreciated.

As a registered non-profit charitable organisation donations $5 and over are tax deductible

You can make a donation by:

paying online and filling in a Form on-line or by downloading a printer friendly Form in pdf format.

Funds provided by donations support the Trust activities in a concrete way.

Your details will remain confidential

You can Pay electronically to 03:0633 0136784:00 (D&M Trust) When you pay online, Please code your name and amount of donation so this can be receipted separately.