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Jake of the Trust Arrived as an unruly stallion jack with horrible feet
After gelding and care with Elton Moore Jake competed at A&P shows
Milo, another sad donkey who needed help
Milo before Trimming
Milo after trimming
Milo Much happier

Please remember the Donkey & Mule Protection Trust NZ in your will

Donkey & Mule Protection Trust NZ
Non-Profit Charitable Org. Inc. #1638328

Improving the Lives of Donkeys & Mules in
New Zealand

Our Aim is to provide

  • Information and advice

  • Support and education

  • Rehabilitation and rehoming

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Support the Donkey & Mule Protection Trust

You can Pay electronically to the Donkey & Mule Protection Trust's Bank
Account No; 03:0633 0136784:00
If you pay online
, Please use your name as reference and put Cal in the area for Code.
You must also send your name and address to Lea Hullett,
Phone/text 027 686 0735 or email. If you prefer to send a cheque contact Lea.

A great gift for family and friends and promote donkeys and mules.

Two geldings looking for a new home in Camterbury. See More

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Our latest Newsletter of 16 pages features many stories about donkeys. Newsletter No. 22, May, 2018

We have a new pamphlet available “The Orphan Donkey Foal” to help those who need information quickly about what to do in the emergency of a foal without a mother. You can download the pdf below.

Please see the other pamphlets also below. All are available from our Trustees or send a self stamped DL envelope to Lea Hullett at the contact details below.

If you would like a printed copy of a pamphlet, state which one and send a self addressed, stamped DL envelope to: The Donkey & Mule Protection Trust, C/- Secretary, Lea Hullett, 673 Rolling Ridges Road, RD5, Timaru 7975 or Email