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Jake of the Trust Arrived as an unruly stallion jack with horrible feet
After gelding and care with Elton Moore Jake competed at A&P shows
Milo, another sad donkey who needed help
Milo before Trimming
Milo after trimming
Milo Much happier

Please remember the Donkey and Mule Protection Trust NZ in your will

Donkey and Mule Protection Trust NZ
Non-Profit Charitable Org. Inc. #1638328

Improving the Lives of Donkeys & Mules in
New Zealand

Our Aim is to provide

  • Information and advice

  • Support and education

  • Rehabilitation and rehoming

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Our latest Newsletter has lots of interesting News. Download Newsletter No. 26, December, 2019


We have a new pamphlet available “The Orphan Donkey Foal” to help those who need information quickly about what to do in the emergency of a foal without a mother. You can download the pdf below.

Please see the other pamphlets also below. All are available to download

If you would like a printed copy of The Orphan Foal, send a self addressed, stamped DL envelope to: The Donkey & Mule Protection Trust, C/-, Lea Hullett, 673 Rolling Ridges Road, RD5, Timaru 7975 or Email